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Find a Fish Tank Screen Saver Today

Does your computer need to be spruced up a little bit? When your screen saver comes on, are you greeted by a plain black screen or the windows icon that came with your computer? Doesn't this get to be boring? Wouldn't you like to add a little life to your screen saver?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then it is time for you to change your screen saver. One of the most popular screen savers available is the fish tank screen saver. The fish tank screen saver is downloaded a thousand times a day. People are looking for a way to spruce up their day. And if you are a fish lover, what better way to do that than by bringing your aquarium to your computer screen. Fish are so enjoyable to watch. By having a fish tank screen saver, you will brighten up your day.

There are a couple of places that you can find a fish tank screen saver. First off, do not overlook the obvious. A lot of computers nowadays come with tons of screen saver options. Your computer may already have a fish tank screen saver available. If this is the case, all you need to do is go in and change your settings. This process takes all of about 20 seconds and is not hard to do at all.

If your computer does not come equipped with a fish tank screen saver, you should be able to find one available for download. Go to your favorite search engine (mine is google) and type in "fish tank screen saver." This will bring hundreds of fish tank screen savers to your computer. All you need to do then is find the one you like best and download it. Most downloads are free, but sometimes you may be charged. Most of the sites that charge for downloads offer the best in screen savers. If you are looking for the top of the line fish tank screen saver, you may want to look into purchasing one. Take your time to decide because many of the free ones are also very good.

A fish tank screen saver is a great way to spruce up your computer. Get yours today, and bring your aquarium to your computer and bring your computer to life! Especially if you use your computer to work, a little fun mixed in never hurt anyone.


Computers Are So Easy To Operate There Is No Longer An Excuse For Anyone Not To Own One

These days hearing a person say I'm just not computer literate will earn them a funny look from just about everyone. Computers have evolved from the archaic scientific calculators that took up most of a room to a simple point-and-click machine that fits on most desks. One theory is that most of today's computer illiterates have not taken the time to experiment with a computer and if given half a chance (or 20 minutes whichever comes first) the most adamant technological caveman will become a junkie wreaking havoc in chatrooms all over the internet.

The skills needed to use a computer today are: manipulating a mouse, punching a few buttons on a keyboard, and knowing how to turn the thing on. Simple right? So let's have some fun and see just how little knowledge these thousand dollar machines actually require.

Let's start with the mouse. Can someone who has never seen a computer before operate it without knowing how to use a mouse? Only if the computer is set up to operate on voice command. Voice command software allows a user to tell the computer exactly what to do and the computer does it. Although this software is fairly new and still under development, voice directed technology has already infiltrates consumer service related systems.

What is a consumer Service related system and how do I know if I have used one? Think back to the last time you tried to pay a bill over the phone. Instead of speaking to a human being, chances are you spoke to a computer that only responded to what you said and offered you options such as press 1 for English. It may have also asked you for additional information such as your full name or credit card number, in which case you have just operated a computer without even realizing it!

Next let's take a look at the keyboard. Can someone who has never seen a computer before operate it without knowing how to use a keyboard? Only if the computer is set up to operate on a touch command. Touch command software allows a user to literally touch the objects on the screen to tell the computer what to do. These types of touch screens are known as kiosks and are already in use worldwide in such places as ATM machines, employment centers and in many health monitoring systems.

For this type of system neither a mouse nor a keyboard is required; a user need only touch the various boxes on the screen to control the computer. The programming behind this technology is extensive and advanced, but for the user the computer becomes less intimidating and just plain easy to use.

Of course when operating a computer there is usually more involvement than just speaking on the phone or touching a screen. The illustrations above are just a couple of examples of the growth of computer technology and how far user friendliness has been pushed. Eventually the keyboard and mouse will have to play a role when a computer newbie has to work with a cash register, a hotel booking program, or a library's catalog system but that doesn't make the computer any easier to operate, but it doesn't make them harder to operate either.


How to Restore Your Dell Computer to Factory Settings

There can be several reasons for you to decide to restore your Dell computer to default factory settings. Reformatting the hard drive, unnecessary hardware change, computer performance, or virus infection are some of the popular reasons of the Dell computer restore. Irrespective of what prompted you to take up the restore decision, you must understand that it is a delicate procedure. Hence, you should do it properly to avoid encountering Dell computer problems during the procedure.

Considering this, we have designed this free Dell computer support guide that walks you through the procedure step-by-step to help you restore your Dell computer to factory settings.


Before beginning, you must back up your entire data including files, programs, folders, settings, configurations etc. Since restoring the computer to original state wipes out the entire existing data, backup allows you to have it back afterwards and saves you from the hassles. Besides, you must login as an administrator to your computer to carry out this procedure. Failing to which will not let you make any such change.

Now that you are ready to take a stroll, let's begin. Detach any printer, router, or other such peripheral which is currently connected to your computer. You can restore your computer in two ways viz. without the disk and with the disk. If you have a Dell system Recovery disk (it's different from the Dell setup disk), you can use it to do the restore. The disk must have come with your original Dell computer setup kit.

We have first explained the procedure without using the Dell system Recovery disk. Restart your computer and immediately start pressing the F8 key on the keyboard. You must start tapping the key before the Windows logo appears. Continuously tap the key until you see the Advanced Boot Options menu on the screen. When in the menu, click to choose the Repair Your Computer option and then hit the Enter key. Use the Down arrow key to reach this option.

On the next screen, select your preferred language settings and hit the Next button. When prompted, enter your admin credentials like password and/or username. Hit the OK button to continue. When in the System Recovery Options window, click the Dell Factory Image Restore link and hit Next. Click to check the box beside Yes, reformat hard drive and restore system software to factory condition and hit the Next button. This will initialize the procedure.

Wait while the computer is being restored to the original factory settings. When finished, hit the Finish button to mark completion of the procedure. Your Dell computer will now restart. Once the computer has finished booting, it will be in the original state when you first received it. You can now restore your backup and get going. Reconnect all your external devices like router etc., install the latest drivers for them and get them back to working.

If want to restore your computer using the Dell System Recovery disk, make sure that you have it. Grab it and insert in the CD-ROM drive of your computer. When prompted, choose to boot from the CD. When prompted to make a selection from repair your existing installation or restore to factory defaults, select the latter option. Follow rest of the on-screen instructions and complete the procedure. When done, restart your computer. It will be back to the original factory settings. Reinstall all your programs and applications and driver software individually.

Additional Info:

In case the restore procedure does not go well and you face common Dell computer errors, contact a Dell computer support service.


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